About Us

About Us

Green Energy Cafe is a blog with a simple mission in mind – to promote the sustainable, environmentally friendly lifestyle based primarily on renewable energy resources. Let’s be honest – we all need energy to live. And so do all of our household appliances, cars, computers, phones and pretty much everything we use on everyday basis.

Unfortunately in the countries like USA the consumption of energy used to power all those countless things our society uses is astronomically high. What’s even worse – it mainly comes from fossil fuels such as coal. This has a disastrous impact on our planet, leading to higher CO2 emissions and ultimately altering the climate of Earth.

However the reasonable alternatives exist.

So called renewable energy AKA green energy sources indeed exist and as it has been proven in many countries around the world such as Norway, they can be successfully utilised to improve the quality of energy grid networks. Ultimately changing our world and lives for the better.

This is what this blog is all about. It’s just another voice calling for the more environmentally friendly life and more conscious consumption of our resources. For the greater good of all of us – citizens of Earth.